Transforming Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing

Circle and Dots

Fact Sheets

This fact sheet provides information about culturally responsive and safe ways of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in research. 

This fact sheet is an executive summary of the article ‘First Nations peoples and the law’ by Milroy & colleagues (2021).

In this fact sheet we present a series of paintings which make up a framework called the Dance of Life. This framework was developed by Professor Helen Milroy. 

This fact sheet describes a key community-led outcome of the National Empowerment Project; the Cultural, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program.

In this fact sheet some of the principles, domains, and determinants related to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives of Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) are presented within a holistic framework. 

This fact sheet has been developed in partnership with child and adolescent psychiatrist Prof Helen Milroy to help increase awareness and understanding of intergenerational trauma. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Healing Foundation’s Intergenerational Trauma animation.

This fact sheet provides information about key projects in TIMHWB – Empowering the Workforce.

An Aboriginal-led project to co-design an ethical decision making frame-work—directed and held by the wisdom of Elders—to ensure culturally secure responses to improve mental health and wellbeing.  Aboriginal young people will also be engaged in the co-design process with Elders, as will senior WA Government staff.

This fact sheet is designed to support non Indigenous practitioners who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, parents and families. While it is suitable for all practitioners, it may be especially helpful in building the cultural competency of psychologists and other mental health professionals.

This fact sheet provides information about the concept of Imperfect Allyship and the implications of imperfect allies in trauma informed care work.